How does No More Excuses affect me?

The No More Excuses standard reflects how seriously Speller Metcalfe take health and safety. Whether you are an employee of Speller Metcalfe, a valued client, or a member of our supply chain, you should understand the standards we work to and what your role is in keeping everyone safe.

Find out below how working to the No More Excuses standard will affect you. 




No More Excuses was launched as a platform to continually raise our standards by driving behavioural change, continued improvements and innovation within health and safety.

The No More Excuses standard is visible across all of our offices, operations and sites and will be clearly visible throughout the company on posters and other marketing, emails and printed publications. 

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Supply Chain

With the implementation of No More Excuses came an overhaul of our existing health and safety audit system, effective from 1st June 2017, putting greater onus on highlighting non-conformance and promoting best practice.

The health and safety audit is used to highlight 'red flag' issues (major non-compliance), 'orange flag' issues (minor non-compliance) and 'blue flag' initiatives (best practice). All results and flags will be sent to the relevant sub-contractor through immediate email notification and dealt with accordingly. 

If you require further information regarding Speller Metcalfe health and safety audits, please use the request form below.



Speller Metcalfe Staff

Our health and safety site team are responsible for implementing changes and best practice following the No More Excuses campaign launch.

Our number one objective is to encourage our site operatives to raise awareness of any safety concerns to those involved, or if required report any issues to the site manager or H&S team via our text service.   

Monthly H&S site audits will also inform site teams of any areas for improvement and highlight exemplary performance. If changes are required these will be implemented on a site specific level using posters and site information boards.




Request information

If you are a member of the Speller Metcalfe supply chain, you can request to view a PDF which highlights the changes to our current audit system by requesting this through email below.